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The ultimate luxury construction solution.

At beaulive, a boutique construction concierge firm located in New York City, it's our goal to ensure you have a stress-free construction project.

You'll have a designated Project Manager to keep you involved in decision-making, but your new project will be as hands-on (or off) as you'd like it to be.

We'll take care of everything, from architects to designers to general contractors, so your project can run smoothly.

boutique construction concierge firm located in New York City
Our Process
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When a home owner or potential home owner is in the market to renovate a home or build a home they need to hire an architect, designer, engineer, third-party inspector, a decorator, an expeditor, attorneys, people to represent them and the list goes on. What we do at beaulive is eliminate this time consuming and stressful process. The client will hire beaulive to handle every aspect of the project. They can literally hire us, we give them a date to come to their home and we hand them their keys. Fully furnished, move in ready. Completely seamless and stress free. 

We do understand that some clients enjoy picking out their finishes and furniture, so what we provide is a Project Manager that is designated to your project and only your project. They will be available to you 24/7and I will be as well. So the client can decide if they want to meet with their PM every single day or never. Even if they decide to never meet with their PM or they do not have the ability to go to the site due to living elsewhere or working, they will receive daily reports in a pdf format via email. The report includes every detail of the project and what took place that day. Which subcontractors and employees for how many hours were there. Every phone call, delivery, trash haul, incident and all other details are provided on this report. Pictures of work completed with descriptions and progress are on these reports as well. The software we use is called procore. 

The way our process works is during the first interview with the client, we go through 11 points to determine what style of home they desire. Once this is complete and confirmed, we will provide three well known designers for the client to interview in person or virtually, completely up to the client. If they aren't happy with the first three, we will provide another 2. If there is a specific designer or architect they have their heart set on, we will contact that person or company and negotiate the best price possible for hiring them and manage them throughout the project. Once they choose their desired architect or designer, we will then provide renderings and drawings for the client's input and approval if they choose to do so. If not, the designer will prove the approvals. Once this is solidified, the client will never have to engage again unless they want to. The client will have only one point of contact throughout the process and we will deliver them their home on time and within budget. 

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